How To Make Your Profile Stand Out On A Marijuana Enthusiast Dating Site

If you have a deep interest in cannabis and are looking for some company, you will be happy to discover that the modern day and new, relaxed marijuana laws have bred a new form of online dating site: the marijuana enthusiast dating site. These platforms make it simple for people who share a common interest to find significant others and dating partners with similar interests. As you can probably imagine, these sites can have many willing participants with profiles to sift through, so if you want to make sure you are found, the key is to do what you can to make your profile stand out. Check out these simple tips to give your marijuana enthusiast dating site profile a boost. 

Be specific about your marijuana interests. 

Because this form of dating site is specifically geared toward those who enjoy marijuana, it is important that you offer detailed information about your particular marijuana interests. Think about adding tidbits of information like:

  • whether you are an occasional, social, or everyday smoker 
  • what types of marijuana you like the best, such as hybrids, sativa, or indica blends
  • what particular strains of marijuana are your favorites, such as Purple Kush or American Dream

Make sure your profile has plenty of pictures. 

This is a rule that can be applied to pretty much any dating site profile, and your profile on a marijuana enthusiast dating site is just the same. Even though looks may not be everything, the fact of the matter is that people looking for a date will want to know what you look like, and profiles without pictures will often get skipped over. Offer at least a few good, clear photos of yourself that are quality enough to give a clear view of your appearance. Likewise, make sure the physical characteristics you list match up to your profile pictures so no one thinks you are trying to be misleading. 

Complete your profile with your additional interests. 

Even though marijuana may be the shared interest that brings you and others to these kinds of sites, it is important to make sure your profile gives a deeper look at who you are as a person and what you are into. Be detailed in your bio, and make sure you offer up other interests in your description because these attributes may also be used to find matches, particularly if the site performs automated matches.